Cien Day Cream Review - with gold and I'm not referring to myself

During this period the only place I get to buy cosmetics and skin care products is Lidl. Cosmetics not that much, but skin care products end so fast if you, well, use them. Always in search for hydration, I purchased this day cream which is supposed to help with cell regeneration and solve the dry skin. 

It contains hyaluronic acid, a substance very popular these days, sun protection factor and gold. Yes, it says that it has colloidal gold, 1%. Firstly I thought about buying 100 boxes, but then my wise inner self suggested we google this thing. So, the colloidal gold is a "food supplement that contains 24 carat gold nanopatrics, minimum purity 99.9-99.99%, in ultrapure distilled water." Now that we demonstrated scientifically that this cream has gold, in a very very very small portion, let's talk about the rest of its capabilities. 

It has been my part of my daily skin care routine for a while now. The texture is dense, but easy to apply. The hydration is merely fine. I feel it works if you use other products as well, like serums, oils, etc. I had to apply relatively more than I would use with other face creams, but it wasn't a problem. Except that it runs out faster like that. It didn't give an unpleasant feeling and my skin was contempt with it.

The package has golden accent because we're dripping in finesse. To think a cream with a price like that has more gold than it actually has, is naive. Back to the point, the package is nice, resistant and not that bad really. It looks pretty. The cream is a little beige, probably from the SPF and the smell is very pleasant, sweet, but not overwhelming, absolutely calming.

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. I was satisfied even though the level of hydration isn't something I aim for. Like I said, combined with other products, it works just fine.

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