Cien's Cleansing Disks - Review

So glad to just sit down and write again. We are forced to do the things we love, except if you love hiking, well I'm sorry. The point is I hope you are healthy and not bored.

Today I'm going to review the Cien's Cleansing Disks. Actually there are three categories: cleansing, peeling and removing nail polish. Kind of glad I read the little box in the last one's case. It made me wonder if someone cleansed her face with that y mistake. The fact that it has the same looking package as the skin care products can be deceiving.  

The Cleansing disks with pomegranate
This is the first type I used, it has pomegranate extract, micellar technology and it doesn't contain oil. It specifically says that it is dedicated removing the make-up which is not waterproof. It does a fair job with removing both make-up and impurities. Honestly, these days I don't use that much make-up, but this disks are so convenient to use in the daily skin care routine.

The package is the same for all the types of disks, these cute little, plastic boxes that I can't wait to use for something else. The cleanser disks contain 40 disks which I think is pretty good for such small packages and the peeling and nail polish remover contain 30 disks.

The cleansing disks with Aloe Vera Extract
This type aims for cleansing the sensitive skin, as it has fairly the same formula as the one mentioned before, except this one doesn't have perfume. From what I've observed while using these disks, they don't dry the skin, so I'm contempt with that. Also the disks are a little smaller than regular make-up removing disks. They are wet, but not soaked which makes using them easy.

The Exfoliating disks with chamomile
This one I've purchased later because I didn't see it in the pile in the first place. Chamomile is one of my favorites smells so I was excited to have this one. In this case the disks have little butterfly purple contours which create a soft peeling sensation. Don't use it around the eyes and mouth. Combined with the suave perfume of chamomile, it turned up to be a product I really enjoy using. 

The Nail Polish Remover disks
After the shock that this aren't meant to be used in skin care, I was curious to test them. It says that it contains vitamin E and if you have "artificial nails", you should try first with a little portion. The smell is definitely more pronounced, the fruity perfume is spread as soon as you open the box. When it comes to actually remove the nail polish, I wasn't that impressed. You have to wrap the disk around the nail and for it to action. If you start rubbing, then it makes the squishy sound I'm not fond. It does remove the nail polish if you have enough patience.


  1. I found your article very helpful. I didn't knew till now that the cleansing disks with Aloe Vera Extract exist. I really want to try them. Can I found the disks in every Lidl market?

    1. Thank you for the interest. Theoretically yes, you can found them in every Lidl store, but not anytime. You know how they have different offers, so if you want to catch them, you have to follow their magazine which you can pick up in the store or online. For example I know next week they are going to have a summer edition of nail polish, but that may not be available in all stores, especially in different countries. Don't lose hope, if you found them in the store, you'll now know something about them. Have a beautiful day!

    2. Thank you for all this information. From now on I will keep an eye on their magazine. I look forward to the next article. Fighting!


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