Top 15 k-dramas I recommend

I have been watching k-dramas for years now and I thought to share with you the ones that made the greatest impressions on me. I tried to put different genres and types, but ultimately, they are the ones I stan. While others are well-known, some were really underrated, but I want to bring upfront all the goodies.

15. It’s okay, it’s love

It has been a long time since I saw this, but it left a great impression on me. There are many dealing with not only mental problems, but insecurities and own dramas. Dealing with the problems is portrayed from the loved ones perspective, which enhance the fact that when one is sick, many suffer. Bonus, this is one of the first times when I saw D.O act and I was so impressed. That boy is such a talented actor.

14. Man to man

Or the time I fell for Park Hae Jin. It is a funny story, all characters are adorable and who can resist falling in love with an undercover, handsome, secret agent? You can see a bunch of action scenes and many spy hacks if you want to learn. The bromance between the secret agent turned bodyguard and the star he is protecting is also funny. The cold person sees that he is lovable and many care for him. Nothing is as that easy when secret agencies are involved, but love can surpass everything, right?

13. The fiery priest

Had to put something with Kim Nam Gil in this top, he is one of my favorite actors, if not THE ONE. Have seen him in various k-dramas and movies and just came to appreciate how hard working and talented he is. If only he had an Instagram account. However, The fiery priest is such an entertaining drama and it’s all to the amazing cast. Each character brings something to the story, it could be prayers, google translate, capoeira, gambling and politics. This k-drama has it all.

12. Fight my way

This is a drama I watched this year and it made me realize something in a funny way. The story revolves around four friends, soon becoming couples and the pursue of their dreams. They made me realize how important is to have a dream, to stick to it and work hard for it. So, if you need something to boost your confidence and strengthen the faith in your dream, watch this. Another reason for liking this drama is Park Seo Joon being a MMA fighter and I’ve always been fond to, well, him.

11. Bad guys and Bad guys vile city

If you’re looking for a darker, finding the truth, killing the bad boys drama, well these two should work. There are actually two parts, each worth watching. While the first revolves around finding a killer with the help of other convicts, each with a different gift or “talent” and story, the second part is concentrated on justice and fighting against a corrupt system. I won’t lie, those will make you angry and frustrated cause the good guys are suffering a lot and winning something always has a reverse, but they are really a masterpiece of the genre. Even if they have different stories, they have many references, so try watching them in order. From what I’ve heard, there was also a movie after these and after I’m done with this article, I’ll search for it.

10. Children of nobody

This is another dark k-drama, but it so complex and addictive. It is about child memories and the things we can’t remember. A child counselor has the perfect life until she has an accident that triggers everything. And when you have a hunch as serious as this, you follow it, but be prepared for what you find out. There were parts of the stories that were really sad; the thought of children suffering so such is unbearable, but it also shows how much pain can something awful from childhood cause. Justice is great and all that, every criminal should be punished, what can you do with a child that is only trying to survive? Big applause for VIXX’s N, his acting was flawless. I was surprised he chose such a complex and hurt character, but he did him justice.

9.  Vagabond

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy were a great couple here, and even though the drama wasn’t a romantic one, they had nice chemistry. The plot was, however, intriguing and every episode ended with a cliffhanger. The amount of conspiracy and betrayal is huge so be prepared to scream your disapproval. It will take a long time for the good guys to succeed something, and even then it is not the end. It has many things to learn from because social injustice and political agreements are made everywhere.  It also made me rethink my career choice and want to become a lobbyist.
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8. Healer

Healer is a classic fall in love with the protagonist type of drama. It is about a night courier that does different tasks, more or less legal, for money. The guy just wants to buy himself an island, so be kind on him. Everything complicates when he meets the girl, but he doesn’t stop being charming and attractive. There were times when I believed every girl needs a Healer. Now that I remember that, I still do believe.

7. A Korean Odyssey

It is an odyssey, indeed. There are so many characters, each with its own superpower. And it’s not even a superpower; they are mythical creatures with unique features. We have the girl that sees ghosts and makes a contract with a Monkey King to free him in exchange to him showing up whenever she calls his name. The handsome Monkey King (Lee Seung Gi) is in a forever relationship of war and friendship with the CEO of an entertainment company, King Evil (Cha Seung Won). When the naughty Monkey King is put on a bracelet to fall in love with Seon-Mi, instead of planning to kill her all day, things get really interesting and funny. Hongki is also a part of this charismatic cast and he did such a good job, I’m really proud and amazed by him.

6. Strong Woman Bong Soo

If you want a good laugh this drama will lift your mood. The little and adorable Bong Soo has a special power, she’s super strong and I’m not talking about being a strong, independent woman; she can lift an elephant, but can’t open a jar in front of her crush, the detective played by Ji Soo. She becomes the bodyguard for the cutest CEO, Minmin, who has the regular CEO’s problems, troubled family, someone who wants to kill him, etc. On top of the developing romantic relationship between Bong Soo and Minhyuk, we also have a creepy kidnapper that holds women in a basement. Anyway, that guy played his role so well, I still get scared only thinking of him. Girl’s power is on a different level in this drama, but it’s definitely one to watch.

5. My Holo love

It is my recent drama watched and I didn’t put it here because of that. It was heart breaking in its own way and the fact that technology has so much power on us is scaring. With a pair of glasses everyone could get a personal hologram. It happens to be a handsome guy, but you can change he’s looks if you want it. It practically follows you everywhere as long as you have your glasses on. Holo is the perfect companion, very helpful at work, but can also find soothing words to tell you, based on an algorithm. So Yeon benefits a lot by being the first tester for this revolutionary artificial intelligence, but things get complicated when she develops feelings for something that is not real to some extent. Holo also begins to act strange when he develops a special algorithm that makes him protect So Yeon at all costs and even miss her. Double trouble when the creator of Holo appears, the grumpy, face-sharing, hidden programmer that created Holo due to a painful childhood and solitude.
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4. Kill me Heal me

This is one of first’s dramas that had an impact on me. Not because I was so related to the plot or characters, but the pain they were sharing applied somehow to every one of us. We have Do Hyun who has suffered so much in the past that he developed multiple personality disorder, seven to be specific. He is helped by Oh Ri Jin who is a psychiatric resident. The way each personality is portrayed, makes you feel guilty for murder if you want Do Hyun to be cured. While some personalities are funny and outgoing, we also have the one that portray the dark side that exist in the main character. Shin Se Gi is one of them and to be honest the whole drama just highlighted how talented Ji Sung is. If you want a more psychological drama and to work on your empathy, this is the most fitted drama.

3. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The only historical drama that made the top is one of the best of its kind. We not only get to see so many handsome royalties, but the story is so catching. Prepare napkins because you will cry, but you will be addicted to it, nonetheless. The cast is also so well chosen, IU is an extraordinary actress and Lee Joon Gi is just delicious. We also get to see Baekhyun, Ji Soo, Kang Ha-Neul, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Hong Jong-Hyun. You really can’t complain when it comes to cast, but the action is also high quality. You don’t feel like they trying to drag time, but keeps you on edge every single time. The bad guy turns good saga is worth watching as everyone is worth loving.

2. Hotel del Luna

Once you start watching this, you won’t be able to stop. IU’s character, a strong, independent woman that is tied to being the owner of a hotel for special guests finds herself close and closer to getting rid of the curse. Near to fulfilling the revenge she wanted for hundreds of years, she finds something more humane, the feeling of love for the new manager she has. Every episode and every guest they have (did I mention they were ghosts?) is a lesson. Nothing is as it seems and even though this is a fantasy drama, it teaches so many life lessons. Funny how we can learn from the dead sometimes. On top of that, a thing to mention that is very important is IU’s fashion. Every outfit is goals; she is so charming and chic, she rapidly became one of my favorite actresses.

1. Goblin – The Lonely and Great God

There are not many dramas that I would watch over and over, but Goblin is the one. From the cast, to the action, meanings and even soundtrack, this drama was flawless. It makes you think about life and the importance of it. Even after all these years I still remember some quotes, the things you can learn from this drama are endless. Even now, the first snow that I see is dedicated to the lonely ones.

Basically we have another character that is cursed to live forever, can you imagine how painful it is to watch all the ones you love die? He has to find his bride in order to find eternal peace by dying so you can think how happy a relationship is when you know the end is near. Goblin has a funny bromance with the Grim Reaper, played by Lee Dong Wok (I have to say that I wouldn’t be so scared of death if it looked like that). Other characters that I remember dearly are Sunny, whose fashion is out of this world and the character played by Sungjae, who I knew acted, but not this good. We get to see the world from the perspective of the deities and I can’t say that it’s all pink out there.

Hope you guys enjoyed the top, as you can see, my favorites drama are the ones that I can learn something from. Another criteria was the cast because no matter how beautiful the story line is, if the cast isn’t appealing for me, then it’s all in vain. Tell me what are your favorite k-dramas, are they also in my top?

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  1. I really liked "Strong woman Bong Soo". The story line was interesting, but also had lots of funny parts. After reading your review "Goblin" and "Fight my way" caught my attention. I think I will start watching soon. 🙂

    1. You won't regret it watching neither of them. Let me know what you think about them. xoxo

  2. Very detailed and interesting list.
    I saw about 50% of what you described and the way you did it made me want to watch more.
    I agree with most of the top except for me, Kill Me Heal Me is the best Kdrama but honestly, if I had to rank them, I don't think I would be able to do it so professionally.
    Great work!


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