Tips for taking care and making your dog happy

If you have decided to take this responsibility and have a pet, there are a few things you should know.
First of all, I'm telling you these tips from my own experience. I have a 5 years old half breed, shepherd with husky. My former dog, an amazing shepherd lady had her fur black and white, so when I first met Luca, it was a shock. What shepherd had its fur brown? Anyway, as you can see, he's very handsome.
We adopted Luca from a farm. We didn't even see him, just heard they had a few puppies and because we wanted a big dog, we just call them and they came with him. Refusing him wasn't an option, but any dog is a good dog, know what I mean? Also, they didn't ask money in return, but we insisted to pay them for transporting him and just a few more just so we'd had luck with him (it's a custom around here). #ADOPTA_NU_CUMPĂRA
Every dog is different, you'll really see the difference when you have two or more dogs. I remember I thought of Luca as a nuisance, cute, but incredible annoying. Truth is I had my former dog since I was 6 or 7, she was so kind and because she was old, she wasn't preoccupied with everything like young Luca was.
Now let's get to the purpose of this article. What can you do to make your dog happy?

1. Feed your dog regularly and good. You can ask for advice from your veterinarian, God knows I've asked mine to give a little bit of every sortiment of dog food he had. Turns out my Luca likes cat dry food, but only when he's in a good mood. There are a lot of kinds of dog food and the only way to know what to buy is to try them. Well, not you, but give them to your little friend and find out what he likes. 
Dogs don't only eat their food, but yours too. Don't panic, sharing is caring, don't be selfish. I laughed so hard when Luca stole my kouskous dish, he ended up with the whole thing. Speaking about portions, make sure your dog is eating according to its breed. Overfeeding the pets won't make them happier, only fat.

2. Water. Fresh. Always. You drink water every day so make sure your pet is also doing the same. Take care of the water recipient, change their water daily. Even if you forget, your dog's behavior will tell you what to do, but not wait for that, be a remarkable owner and provide for these primal needs.

3. Go to the veterinarian. With or without your dog. Of course you'll have to take your dog with you for vaccines and check-ups, but even when he doesn't have problems. Being informed helps a lot. Also, if the veterinarian isn't interested or you have the slightest hunch, change him. You want someone competent. 
I remember one time I visited my pet doctor and he had these drawings glued on the counter, like the kids would do. When I read the messages, they were about dog fights, animal cruelty and abandoned puppies. I asked what's with them and he said: "You have to be realistic to send a message." I don't know who got the message, but I got goosebumps. 

4. Use regular parasite treatments. Especially as a preventing action. There are pills, like the one I buy, that are meant for both cats and dogs. You give them according to their weight, every three months. They might not like the administration, but healthy is happy.

5. Groom them. This also includes cutting their nails. Their fur can be troublesome, depending on breed. My dog needs grooming, otherwise the whole yard is covered in fur when he changes it. The grooming action isn't an uncomfortable one, just got to get your dog in mood. If only Luca would understand that grooming his fur doesn't mean just scratching his belly. Anyway, there a lot of grooming utensils to make grooming easier.

6. Lots of exercise. It's good for both owner and pet. For bigger dogs, a big spacious yard would be ideal, but if you don't have one, then, buddy, go on walks as often as you can.

7. Dog accessories are important. I'm referring to toys, my dog is also happy when he gets a new one or when we play together and use those squishy, colorful and yelling things. You must have a job and be missing for a few hours a day, so just give your dog something to play with.
Also, a leash and harness for dogs can keep it safe when you go on walks. Don't chose the most cheap ones, or else you'll have them in your hand and your dog on the other corner of the street.

8. Register the dog and put on him a collar with useful information. The first thing I made sure when I got my dog is that the vet put an id cip. The procedure isn't painful but totally useful. I also got him a necklace with his name and my phone number. It wasn't useful when I lost him because he was found in a lane of corn, by me and my mum, but still, you have to make sure you did everything if situations occur.

9. Respect your dog. Prove that you are kind and smart and take care of those you are little and in need.

10. Treat your friend with love and loyalty. The feeling of having a pet is amazing. It can annoy you sometimes, but most of the days I just can't wait to get home and see my dog.

Here are some pics with Luca, my dog. Enjoy. <3


  1. Lucaaaaaaaa ❤️
    You're a great mommy for him!

  2. I miss him so much <3 Can't wait to give him a big hug


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