Gliss Color Hair Dye Review, also new spring, new me

This may not be the ideal spring, but let's take one step at a time and enjoy little things. Not little was my joy when I found out I was selected for another campaign by Buzzstore. I was lucky enough to test the new color dye from Schwarzkopf

I got to test the new Gliss Color hair dye with two friends, one of them was my mother, so I can tell you how it dealt with gray hair as well.

The box contains gloves, a hair treatment mask to use after dye, the emulsion and the coloring cream. It also comes into a bottle so you can mix it all up there and use it, to make it easier for you.

Make sure to read the instructions, but if you ever dyed your hair home alone, then you know what to do. After applying the dye, I stayed with it around 35 minutes, cleaning my room and watering my plants. A trick my mother taught me, that was born from me always trespassing the hair line when I dyed her hair, was to put some cream on the forehead and around the ear. This way, even if you put dye in the wrong place, it doesn't dry and you can wipe it easily. 

The thing I like about this line is that they have this really natural shades. The ones I laid my hands upon are 4-13 Dark Cool Brown, 4-54 Dark Copper Mahogany and the one I used, 4-58 Dark Mahogany.

Before I used this hair dye I had a really nice color, a light brown with powerful berries undertone if that makes sense. Either way, it made me close to a redhead. However, my roots were starting to show and even though you weren't capable of seeing them only if you paid attention, I saw then and it bothered me. So I used the 4-68 shade to build a nice transition to my natural shade. 

It did the trick, it seems natural now, but with just a pinch of spice. As you can see, from all the shades, this one has a purple undertone.

When it comes to the results my mum had with this dye, they were different from mines. She used the 4-54 shade, as an attempt to soften the dark brown she had before. It didn't really worked up as we thought because she had a lot of gray roots. Basically, the roots look like the shade on the box, but the rest of the hair still has a darker shade. To remember is that it did have a great coverage when it came to gray hair.

I've never heard of a hair dye to have hyaluronic acid, I know it is widely used in skincare, but having it on my hair intrigued me. It is used because it has great hydration proprieties and I have to admit I had waited a few days to write this. You know, the feeling after you dye your hair, the first and second days are great, the hair is smooth and shiny. I wanted to wait and see how much that feeling lasts. A week has passed and it's still the same. The hair is smooth, seems healthy and damn, the shine. I don't remember to have ever had such shiny hair.

All in all, I think this new line has tremendous potential in terms of coverage and hair care. If you are inspiring for a natural look, with resistant and nice colors to choose from, then this is for you.
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