L'oreal Paris Elseve Fibralogy Double Serum Review

Good things come to end rapidly and that was the case with L'oreal Paris Elseve Fibralogy Double Serum. The serum contains two formulas, as the title states. One of them, the pink gel is meant to give thickness to the hair and make it stronger. The transparent formula is meant to smooth the hair, make it silky and shinny. 

The package is nice, you see how different the two formulas are, as they are placed in separate recipients. It contains 30 ml of product and it is resistant and easy to use. However, when you push the pump, it gives equal amount of each. I liked to mix them in my palm just to make sure and then apply it on my hair. I often did that after drying my hair. It can also be put on the hair after washing it, when it's still moist, but I preferred it the other way.

It felt really good on the hair, it was absorbed fast and didn't make my hair greasy. It has a sweet smell, but without being overwhelming. The hair was soft and looked healthy, I was really pleased with it. It depends on the length of your hair, be careful to not put too much. As my hair is rather long now, I begin with the ends, they need the most care. After I'm done with them I make my way up, but not insisting too much. Then I comb my hair and I'm done.

As you can see, the product is very easy to use and it's definitely one of my favorite serums I have tried so far.  

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