Fried rice

I had promised myself to cook more and here I am, taking baby steps. Like really tiny steps. I tried and I say that I succeeded in cooking fried rice.

First step was a few days prior to my chef show, when I bought a bag of Panzani rice from Profi. It looked appealing and also had an attractive price. From the study I had made, I knew that the rice had to be cooked a night before frying it, so it can be more easily to handle and not have so much moist. After boiling it for a long 25 minutes, I filtered it and let it dry during the night.

The next day I put some vegetables (I had a mix bag and since I still don't have a fridge, I had to use it) in a pan with salt, pepper, onion and garlic and fried them. The mix contained carrots, mushrooms and something green, but I don't remember. After the vegetables were nice and soft, I added the rice and stir it. You can add soy sauce or whatever condiments you want. I just kept it simple, but it's such a simple dish, that can motivate your creativity, you don't have to worry much and just do as you please.

In the recipes I saw on the Internet, they combined the eggs in the mixture, but I preferred having it separately. Some made scrambled eggs and others made egg noddles. I simply mixed two eggs with salt, pepper and ginger powder and put them in the pan. My greatest fear was turning the eggs and not breaking the nice sheet it had turned to. The secret is patience and not turning it too soon. After it was done on both sides, I folded the egg and cut them. 

Because I had some cabbage I made a salad with it and some carrots and a nice lunch was served.

The ingredients I used are:

200 gr rice;
half a bag of frozen vegetables, any mix you have;
1 onion;
2 eggs.

Cheer up, it's almost weekend!

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