Aslavital Mineralactiv Charcoal Detox Mask Peel Off Review

This is a face mask I have been using for a while and since it's almost done, I want to share my experience with you.

First of all, it is a Romanian brand and I'm always keen to use such products. Women have been using them for ages so I think they are appropriate for our skin type and the environment we are living. 

The formula that contains charcoal helps absorption and purification of any impurities the skin has. The skin is meant to improve by cleaning it thoroughly. It also states that it has "urban anti-stress protection". In my point of view, the charcoal is strong enough to remove impurities so the ones provided by the urban environment don't have a chance.

The mask is to be applied in an uniform layer and it should be of a medium thickness. Too little will be difficult to remove, while too much will take ages to dry. After applying it, you have to wait for it to dry and that depends on the temperature in the room and the balance you found for layering the mask. Once it is dried, it will be easy to take off, but unlike other peel off mask I have used, this one is strong, it tightens around the skin so don't panic if you have to pull a little harder.

Secondly, the package is nice, a thing I appreciate very much is the color of it. I would definitely see this as an eye shadow. It is cream-colored with a holografic effect, very pretty. The tube is easy to use and squeeze. There is always going to be a little substance left in the cap, but if you wipe it, it shouldn't be a problem keeping it shut and clean. I apply the mask with the help of a special silicon mask. You should also find a tool, cause I don't know how else to apply it, considering it dries quickly.

Hope you had a better start of the year than me. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?

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