Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - discovering good products too late

Bought this around Black Friday from my Calla store and I was joking with the owner, that they have such opportunities even for cosmetics. He clarified that the products were on sale because new lines were coming soon. I was in a good mood and purchased this liquid eyeshadow from Essence. Never had this kind before and was thrilled to test it asap.

It soon became my favorite thing. It is super easy to apply due to its form. It's like a tinier lip gloss, with a similar applicator which makes it simple to spread and blend. You can use a brush to smooth it out if you want a more faded color. If you want to use the eternal blending tool, the finger, you would have to hurry because it's difficult to arrange it if it dries.

The shade is nice, appropriate for the winter, maybe because it's reminding me of ice and cold, but the line has more shades which you can see here. It is called 04 supernova and it even has a little shimmer, the pieces of sparkle are adding more to my winter fantasy. I'm a fan of glitter so I don't mind.

The thing that surprised me pleasantly is the resistance. Never expected something like this to last so much. It doesn't even smudge like ordinary eyeshadow if it is build. Maybe because it dries fast and the shade is really intense. 

I'm a little sad I'm discovering this great product before they launch a new collection but I hope they will still keep it for a while. 

There are 8 days until Christmas, time flies so fast, right?

Have a beautiful week,

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