Avon Nutra Effect Facial Oil - the thing I don't want to finish

Got this facial oil from Avon a while ago and it has been my favorite one for a long time. Especially in this cold weather, my face is begging for some more protection and this is the nicest asset in terms of hydration and defense. 

It is not the most expensive face oil there is, but the quality is really good. The 30 ml recipient has a stylish pipette that makes applying very easy. The formula isn't overly runny, so you won't have to rush. You can apply the product directly on your face or in your palms and heat it by rubbing gently and apply it on your cheeks, forehead and chin.

You can use it both in the mornings and nights, but I usually prefer using it when I go out and mostly in the cold season.

Speaking of the formula, it contains various seeds, each one with a different purpose:

Linseed: helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier.
Marula: works to calm and soothe your skin – so no red blotches. 
Babassu: boosts collagen production for smooth, plumped skin. 
Passionfruit: ups your elastin production to keep things firm. 
Green coffee: hydrates your skin for a healthier look.

How does it feel?

This is the most important aspect. I was afraid that an oil base product would make my face feel and look oily, but that was just a big preconception. I tend to organize my skincare routine so that each product has time to settle in. The thing is that this product gets absorbed very fast by the skin, you won't believe it.
I like this product because not only does it protects the skin, it also hydrates the skin and gives it a fancy glow.  After applying it I use my regular face cream. I've changed a few since I used this face oil and it is friendly to everyone. It leaves a radiant skin with a healthy glow. I know these words may seem cliche, but it really is what this product is all about.

All in all, this product is one of my favorites. It creates a great base for make-up without being greasy. It feels light on the skin, makes your skin smooth and it is very appropriate for the weather right now.

Have a lovely week!

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