The Gerovital Plant line Review

The Gerovital Plant products I tested are:

The Gerovital Plant Shine and Vitality Booster
The Gerovital Plant Moisturizing Cream
The Gerovital Plant Micellar Water

However, the line includes other products that you can find on their site  and that are dedicated to all ages, making the products suitable for all kind of problems, from hydration to wrinkles.

From my experience the advantages of this line are the 96% of natural ingredients. Because I had grown with this company, I know that they have a tradition of using local and natural ingredients. Maybe because I believe in the power of herbs and plants, this line is something I like.

They made me familiar with a new technology in skincare, the Microbiome complex, which is unique for every individual. This complex tries to balance and boost the immunity of the skin, making it stronger in front of harmful elements from the environment.  

What I enjoyed the most about these products was that they got absorbed by the skin very fast, left the skin feeling hydrated and light. The micellar water was extraordinary in terms of removing the make-up and impurities and while I wouldn't use it for removing my eye make-up, it did a great job for the rest of the face. The serum was also nice, it was more than enough, you can't picture how much product there is in that little vial. It was light and didn't weighted the skin. The moisturizing cream continues to be part of my skincare routine nowadays (I also use the other products but they are almost finished) and it makes the skin soft.

Have you ever used products from Gerovital? 

Until next time, take care of your skin.

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