Pumpkin Cream Soup Recipe

I can count on my fingers the times I tried and cooked something. However, if you surround yourself with beautiful people that inspire you, you will upgrade yourself. I will not settle until my partner, M shares with you the things she cooks because they look amazing, trust me.

The end of the year doesn't mean the end of challenges, so I gladly took the Buzzstore challenge to test the new Vegeta cubs. I used them in a pumpkin cream soup, but they can be used in all types of dishes, from soups to stews. 

The ingredients I used are:
1 onion;
1 parsnip;
3-4 carrots;
3-4 potatoes;
1 pumpkin;
parsley root;
fresh parsley.

I didn't have parsley root so I didn't use it, only used fresh parsley to decorate it. Cut all the vegetables and cook them together a little with olive oil. Then add the vegeta cubs, salt, pepper and chilii paste if you have and would like it to be more spicy. After that, add water, just to cover the vegetables and let them boil. 

When the vegetables are ready, I used the blender I also have from Lidl and smashed them nicely.  Served the soup with croutons and fresh parsley. You can put more salt and pepper or even vegeta cubs, I used two cubs and it was enough. Speaking of the cubs, I used the ones for vegetables, but they are also different kinds, with chicken or beef. They also have small or larger packages and each cube is individually packed so moist doesn't affect them.

It was a surprise that something so good came out, especially since I haven't cooked that often. Practice makes perfect so I think I'll try more.

Have a beautiful Friday,

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  1. Well done, Ale! I'm proud of you that you're finally gaining some culinary skills, I told you it's worth it! :)


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