Gerovital Plant Shine and Vitality Booster - taking the use of natural ingredients to another level


Another product I tested from the Gerovital Plant line is the booster. You can find it here. They also have some discounts in this period make sure to check it out.

It contains the same natural ingredients up until 96% and the poliplant microbiom protect system that is going to take care of your skin and restore natural balance so it will be able to fight to all the damaging elements it is encountering on daily bases.

This product is designated for normal and mix skin, as the name say, it is a booster for bringing out the beauty of the skin. It has a wide range in terms of ages it can be used, from 25 to 40. It can also be used with other skincare products or by itself, it only depends on how much do you want an energized and shiny skin. I usually used it as a step in my night time routine. I put it in my palms then gently tap it on my skin. Just like the other products in the line, it is absorbed easily by the skin. You might think that the vials are small, but I sometimes put it in two steps, it is more than enough, trust me.

Speaking of the vials, they are 10 pieces of 2 ml each. Pay attention to the way you open them, you can get a cut from the glass, but if you are careful it won't be a problem. For the safety, they included a small cap to help us open the vials fast and without a concern.

The main purpose of this formula is to sustain the biodiversity and health of the skin, making it stronger and more hydrated. The special ingredients help skin regeneration so your skin will look fresh, energized and glowing. After using most of the product, my skin improved a little. I was glad I got them in this period of the year, sure, the weather is rather warm for this season, but the skin is still adjusting to lower temperatures.

Using this product was a lot of fun and it was even greater when I could see its effects. Maybe because there is a perception that natural ingredients don't work as fast and efficient than other products, people have been avoiding them. Which is, in my opinion, a big mistake because nothing is more healthy to the skin than ingredients that don't harm the skin in long term. It may be a matter of personal preference, I like to opt for products with unsophisticated ingredients and that's why Gerovital is always a keeper.

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