Gerovital Plant Moisturizing Cream

Continuing with the Gerovital Plant line, another product I have been using is the moisturizing cream. It has an oxygenating booster and the same poliplant microbiome protect system I talked about in the previous review.

Containing 96% natural origin ingredients, this cream is meant for both normal and mixt skin.
It fairly hydrates the skin, but the thing I am most pleased about is the rate of absorption. It doesn't make your skin feel heavy and it works perfectly with the other products in this line. I also tried it with other products and it worked just fine. Like I said, it has a decent level of hydration, but I wouldn't use it alone in my skincare routine; it is not enough to create a make-up base. 

It has ingredients like Olive oil and Aquaxyl that acts as a barrier, preventing water loss and implicitly raising the level of hydration in the dermis and epidermis. The Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex is meant to restore the natural balance of the skin, making it healthier and less reactive. Furthermore, the Sepitonic M3 used is a mineral complex for cellular metabolism that increases the oxygen consumption at the cellular level.

The package is cute, the 50 ml pack is revolving around the concept of natural ingredients and plants. I used it each morning on my face, but if there is any excess, you can put it on your neck and chest. The smell is also pleasant, it gives the natural vibe without being overwhelming. The age recommendation is 25-35, a nice range which I just began to fit. Choosing the right skin products according to your age, skin type, the environment you are in will have marvelous results but will talk about this later.

My experience with this cream was good, I think moisturizing creams are very important for a healthy skin and choosing one that has many natural ingredients is vital. Why? Because the skin comes in contact with many elements that damage it, so restoring with basic and proved qualities creams is very important. I am content my face can breathe and can resist the day. 

You can find the product here

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