Gerovital Plant Micellar Water - Because plants go hand in hand with beauty

Gerovital has launched a new line of products dedicated to maintaining the skin healthy using up until 96% natural origin ingredients. For the ones who are not familiarized with this brand, it is a Romanian brand which focuses on using ingredients as natural as possible to enhance the beauty of the skin. 

This micellar water in particular has Burdock root extract and Equibiome that prevents microbial imbalance in the skin for long-lasting comfort. With products from Gerovital you have to get familiar with certain plants and it's a very interesting domain. Women have used plants to take care of problems of the skin for such a long time and while chemical products may bring you a more rapid effect, they can't be as healthy for the skin as the plants are. For a long-term effect, I always opt for the plants.

Furthermore, the micellar water contains a Poliplant Protect complex which clears up the complexion. Because it is a micellar water it will remove all the make-up and impurities. It can be used for the face, eyes and lips, but my eyes are more sensitive and don't really like it. My skin, however, loves it. 

The Microbiome Complex is something specific to each skin, every individual has its own microbiome as a metabolic function of the skin. It's part of the protection system of the skin against the bacteria, so it helps it fight the harmful things and regenerate it. The complex Gerovital is using designed to combine the benefits of plants to restore the microbiome of the skin. 

It cleans really well; I have used it every night for the past week and felt fresh. It doesn't leave the lingering feeling of other micellar waters, it removes the impurities and makes your skin feel light.

It doesn't have a particular smell and the bottle has 150 ml of product. It's a nice, good quality package, but it's also easy to squeeze and get the product out. Even though it has gorgeous results, it is consumed fast, in a week and a few days of using it with my mum, almost half the bottle is empty. We used it with a cotton pad and one is enough, but it also depends on how much make-up do you use.

All in all, I was glad I tested this micellar water and improved my skin a little bit. In future posts, I will talk about other products I used to create and maintain a healthy look.
Until then, take care of yourself and your skin.


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