My hygge list

After I read The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking, I began making all kind of lists. I am honest, I didn't do all the things written there, but it was fun thinking about all the possibilities of making my life just a little bit happier.

The list can be changed at any moment, by adding something new, something you wanted to do or feel. It's not about buying and spending, but enjoying more what you have. 

1. Change my hair. - Already did that and it was a complete failure, after two weeks my natural shade come back. It was a lesson to embrace failure gracefully.

2. Wear autumn colors. - Because all those pretty shades of brown exists.

3. Finish a candle. - That's their purpose, if they aren't burnt, they don't fulfill their mission. It takes more courage to let go then to hold on.

4. Prepare a face cream/face mask myself. - Began searching for recipes on the Internet, hope I'll decide soon.

5. Start drinking more tea. - Not only when you're sick, discover the pleasure of enjoying natural flavors.

6. Have a hot drink with my besties. - So you can giggle about your cute outfits, lol.

7. Take a long walk. - It increases the immunity and you want to be healthy to enjoy this season properly. Being healthy is sexy.

8. Visit a forest. - You're not the only thing changing, visit a forest this fall and you'll see.

9. Clean my cosmetics bag. - To make room for more, I'm joking. It's time to get rid of the products you don't use. This way you'll know your preferences more.

10. Buy new shoes. - This season is moody, so you have to be prepared.

11. Write a list of 10 things I'm grateful of. - This is going to be interesting.

12. Help a friend. - I've been surrounded by such kind persons, so if I'll help them back it will be amazing.

13. Don't spend any money in a day. - This is going to be so hard. Especially because I'm investing almost daily in paint and other supplies for my new home.

14. New phone/desktop wallpapers. - Did that, it was refreshing.

15. Sort out my clothes, maybe buy new ones. - You do it anyway because you have to get rid off all those shirts and dresses and bring out the warm ones.

16. Get my hands on some pumpkins and pine cones. - My mum and I picked up some chestnuts, but one cannot have enough autumn decorations.

17. Take nice pictures. - I'm not referring to selfies, but see it a way of paying more attention to the details and appreciate more your surroundings.

Hope I have explained this concept well. It's a personal thing after all, everyone can do it in their own way. I'll keep you updated about my process in finishing the list on our Instagram page.

Let us know what you have planned for this autumn.


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