Yves Rocher PureCalmille Face and Body Cream

It's been a while since I posted something and I have to admit, I kind of missed writing and sharing things with you. My moving to the new house isn't finished yet, but couldn't help not updating. 

For a week, my aunt visited me and helped me with repairing and cleaning and I had to take a look in her cosmetic bag, for plain honest research purposes. Didn't take my eyes and hands of the Yves Rocher PureCalmille Face and Body Cream. 

I've always been fond of chamomile, whatever it was tea or cream. It is such a basic plant, I grew up surrounded by spots with chamomile and often put them to dry and made tea afterwards. Regardless of its beautiful scent, it has many benefits for the skin like reducing the inflammation and its power doesn't stop there. However, for the skin, even as a teenager, I would boil some water, put some chamomile in it and then put my head in front of the warm water with a towel on my head. It didn't help solely my lungs, but also my skin. It helped cleaning it and calming it.

 The cream has a nice, smooth texture, not to speak about the smell which is one of my favorites. It is hydrating and leaves the skin soft. It's not something to keep your skin hydrated a long period, but it is a handy solution (is this a pun? Cause this cream is also used for hands - excuse my lame sense of humor) with a temporary fixing of cracked and dull skin.

The cutest thing about this cream is that it openely states the region in France which provides it: "Chamomile de La Gacilly". It is very important to give credit to the regions and most important, to the people who cultivate it because it shows tradition, knowledge and devotion. 

The package is simple, nice and it contains 125 ml of product. It is easy to apply and it lasts enough. Only tried it for a week, but I was happy with it.

Hope you have a beautiful day,

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