She Stylezone Gel-like ultra stay nail polish review - never enough pink

We are continuing the nail polish series with She Stylezone gel-like ultra spray nail polish from DM. Nail polish has been present in my beauty routine to say so for eternity. I like to experiment and even though the results are sometimes kitschy, they are my hard work.

This nail polish was given to me as a present for Christmas. As a pink lover, I absolutely fall for this beautiful shade (number 270) and thought it matches perfectly my skin in the winter. Even the package reminds me of winter, with those silver accents. However, last time I used it was a week ago, in plain summer and it looked perfect.

You can see the look I made:

Furthermore, the brush is thick and I had no problem using it. The ones who have a more narrow nail, will have some problems. The formula is nice, it has great pigmentation and is easy to apply. It has a medium time of drying. 

The package is nice, my eternal problem with the text that fades has come up again, but overall it's okay. It has 10 ml and it has a validity of 4 years. I was even a little worried that I didn't use it often and I got it last winter. Reading the labels could free you from stress. 

All in all, it's a good nail polish, but my collection is so much larger and I can't wait to show you more.

Have a beautiful week,


  1. Where can you buy this exact brand and variety?

    1. Hi. You can buy it from any DM shop. I've put two links so you can see the shop I'm talking about and also the other products and colors. Have a beautiful day!


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