Petite Maison Hair Conditioner Anti-polution with Weath Bran Extract Review - the green I'm fond of lately

The hair conditioner I have been using lately is the Petite Maison Hair Conditioner Anti-polution with Weath Bran Extract Multi Functional. God, it has a long name, but I was drown by it for a reason. Let's discover if my instinct is right.

Firstly, the package is really nice and I'm not saying this because I really like that shade of green lately. The 200 ml recipient is easy to squeeze but at the same time resistant. I finished it relatively fast, but my hair is also long so I can't complain.

Secondly, so I don't forget, I bought this product from my local Calla shop. Have been so lucky to have a such convenient store near me. The workers there are so nice and last night I went there cause I ran out of shampoo and they offered me a free coffee (I'm not doing this review for the coffee, lol). It's adorable to see a warm community based on cosmetics and skincare products.

Other thing that intrigued me about this hair conditioner was the anti-pollution promise. I may be old fashion, but I know hair can be weak, dull, fragile, with split ends or needs color or heat protection. This hair conditioner raised me the question "How do I know pollution affected my hair?". It surely depends on the level of pollution of the area you are living in. My hair seemed dull lately and I thought it is because of the summer, but regardless of the way I spoiled it, it didn't get any better so I began using this conditioner, just in case pollution has something to do with it.

The smell is rather sweet and the formula is very easy to apply, especially for long hair because is more fluid. Leave it for two minutes then rinse it. It's a playful action, the formula makes your hair very soft when you apply it and very thin, I was always amazed by how much volume can you get from a thing that when is wet is so little.

It does make your hair easy to style and soft. I'm also using other products for my hair, but what can I say for sure is that this hair conditioner doesn't make your hair heavy, or reduce the time between washes. It's light and hydrates the hair nicely.

Let's enjoy fall and not let our hair fall.
Lol, sorry for my lame puns.

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