Essence Stay All Day Foundation Review - are cheap things that good?

This is the foundation I have been using this summer. Bought it from my local Calla store that has an Essence area and have been jamming with it since. Let's see what are its best and worst traits. 

First of all, it comes with a decent price, not super expensive, it's worth its money. The package is also nice, tiny but at the same time with enough product (30 ml). The cap is also good and you can easily get the product out without too much effort and you reduce the chances of wasting it. It is also hygienic and simple to clean. When it comes to texture, it is fluid, but consistent enough to take your time applying it, it's not liquid enough to create problems.  

Secondly and most important, the formula. It says it will last you 16 hours and I can't really confirm that as I don't think I'm awake that much in a day. Just kidding, never tried to wear it that much in a day and as I will confess later I don't even use it in its original state. The shade is "30 soft sand" and I think I will buy another foundation for autumn/winter as it is a little too tanned for me now. The shades available were only a few and I don't mean the ones that were available in the store, but in the whole make-up line. It even smells a bit, it won't bother you because it dissipates fast, but the honey and lemon smell is pleasant.

The coverage is admirable, with a matte finish. Here comes the thing you have to be careful about. Moisturize your face sufficiently because it may dry it. Also, I don't know how adequately is it going to work with wrinkles so be careful. 

The way I like to use it is different; I put two-three pumps in one of my cushion clean recipients and mix it with some face oil or moisturizer. That's how I create a glossy, more natural look. If you're into more deep and high coverage look, you could use it as it is. 

My experience with this long lasting make-up was excellent, I was surprised something so budget friendly was so good in terms and coverage and resistance. As the bottle is almost empty, it's time to make some changes, it's fall season after all.

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