Dr. Organic Pomegranate Deodorant Review - who would have guessed?

Received this product as a part of the Sensiblu kit that Buzzstore has given me and I wanted to save the best for last. Let's be honest, how much attention are we really paying to deodorants? They all promise long protection, similar things basically and we got accustomed to all the effects they say their products have.

What expectations do we have from deodorants? Personally, I want it to be resistant and not do damage to my skin as it is a product I use every day. The smell has to be nice because it also give the freshness vibes. Another big aspect is that it doesn't stain the clothes, but that rarely happened to me.

What expectations should you have from Dr. Organic Pomegranate Deodorant? Firstly, deodorants, for so many years had the same form. They were either solid or spray, but the recipients were almost the same for both types, just different coloring. That's the first thing I like about this deodorant it's the shape, it has this round, little form which makes it so cute. It may seem little, but it has a big surface at the front which makes it very easy and fast to apply. It has 50 ml and made of a strong plastic.

Furthermore, it has a non pore clogging formula and it lets your skin breathe. It is aluminium, SLS, paraben and alcohol free so it keeps your skin healthy, away from all those harmful substances. You have to shake it and then apply, sometimes it gives off a bit of extra product, but it not a big problem. 
The thing I'm most fond of when it comes to this product is the smell. Never thought something based on pomegranate could smell so beautiful. It doesn't become overwhelming either, it just fresh and magical and doesn't suffocate you.

With a gorgeous smell, light, protective and natural formula this deodorant is certainly my number one at the moment. Not to mention it reminds me of summer and we all kind of miss, don't we?

Take care of your skin, you'll be happy.

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