Cien Hydro Effect Cleansing Gel Review - why do I forget to talk about the good stuff?

Both this on the same day with the serum from Lidl, but I only find myself talking about it now, when I have little product left. That sums up pretty much the whole experience, if I used it all it means is worth something, right? Let's see what were the details that made me like it and its cons.

The package is nice and the cap might leave some product on but it's not a big deal. The entire line was good-looking and even this 150 ml recipient looks nice. The thing that annoys me is the plastic. The formula is too dense to get out by itself so you have to squeeze a bit the bottle to get the product out. It's hard to do so because the bottle is too stiff. If you're positive, you'll consider it some kind of hand exercise.

The formula is the thing that I enjoyed the most. It is fluid enough to spread it easily across your face, but it's not runny. It creates a bit of foam. It's one of those cleaning products that are harsh in a good way. It is effective and cleans the skin. The downside is that it leaves the skin a little dry so you have to be careful. 

The product contains hyaluronic acid and is meant for cleansing and also refreshing. I like this product because it is easy to use and has a great price. 

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