Batiste Dry Shampoo

Been a fan of dry shampoo for a while, but as I was experimenting, I realized even picking the right dry shampoo can be challenging. Why is that? Because we only think about the results and speed of obtaining them, without much care for what we are actually putting in our hair.

Dry shampoos are of many forms and formulas and it will take a while to find the perfect one for your necessity and type of hair. There are types which leave odd colors to blend and others that even give a little coloring to your roots. I tried the last type and it felt a little ashy. My point is you have to experiment and don't give up; the idea of dry shampoo is very practical and we all have bad days, we don't need to add a bad hair day on top. 

The one that I tried from Batiste promises an instant hair refresh and it's the original one. From my research I noticed they have a large line, with many types and smells. It can be used between washes, when you're feeling your hair a little dull and you just have to make it last one more day.

They describe three steps for a "fabulous" hair: 
1. Shake it and spray it on your roots, but make sure it's 30 cm away from it.
2. Use your fingers to spread the product well.
3. You can use a hair brush to even the product's excess.

"Live like nobody's washing" is Batiste's motto. A little too dramatic, but the idea is that with a tiny product like this you can add some extra moments of freshness and even volume. Not only it makes your hair feel cleaner, but it also adds a good amount of volume, perfect for styling. 

The package is cute, if you visit their website, you'll see that they have a lot of youthful, colorful types. The one I tried has 50 ml because it's the travelling size. Don't get me started on how convenient it is to have something like that on holidays. Just a few puffs and you're done.

Now let's speak of the formula itself. It is light and has a bit of a white finish, especially if you're not paying attention to the distance like me. Don't get scared, it's normal, it will just take more time to blend it thoroughly with a brush. 

All in all, I'm content with this product. It is a decent product that somehow makes sure my hair is healthy (because too much washing can do damage) and looks good. Sure, I wouldn't recommend using it too often, the residue might harm your scalp. We're always running after time, so if we get a chance like this to save both time and look nice, it's really convenient. 

Until next time, stay healthy and enjoy the bits left of summer.

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