Thoughts on the Oriflame OnColour collection

Oriflame has stepped up the game with a summer collection and I couldn't be more glad about it. Always thought they were more associated to an elegant look, skincare being the thing they promoted the best.

However, OnColour is a prove that they are trying to catch up with the latest trends and they kind of succeeded. 

They made color their first concern and they nailed it. Speaking of nails, their nail polish line is super cute, the package is small but it would still last you a summer. It is adorable how they incorporated the summer theme in the line. The shades are various and fashionable. Nowadays you can't have good manicure without base and top coat so don't forget that. 

The pencils are playful and of course, colorful. They have a powerful pigmentation and encourage your creativity. Be careful what look do you chose, there can be some product transfer. But if you look on the bright side, they are easy to blend.

The mascara is resistant and that my favorite part of it. Wore it in my vacation and I was so glad I didn't have to be worried about having panda eyes. 

The lipsticks are a strong advantage of this line. Their creamy formula is very pigmented and have impressive colors. Never thought about wearing a purple shade, but fell in love with it. It is comfortable to wear it, you even forget you're having it on your lips.

Another strong benefit of this line is the concealer stick. Had doubts about it to be honest, but now it is my favorite product from the line. It doesn't dry the skin like the concealers I had before and it really illuminates your complexion. 

 All in all, it was nice seeing Oriflame come out with such confidence and line. It was refreshing to see them so daring and they not only succeeded in creating a colorful line, but also with quality products with kind formulas. It has made my summer more colorful.

Hope you have a memorable summer.

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