Stuff I took with me on my holiday

 My holiday has ended for some time and I wanted to tell you my travelling experience, my mistakes and things I have to remember for my next trip. Because we traveled by plane, we had to be careful about the things we could take with us.

I had this cosmetics little, transparent bag from Pepco, which came with seven recipients. I know you only see six in the picture, but I lost a round one, just like the other two that you can see in the upper part of the photo. After some time I found it in my mum's room so now the lost child has returned to its rightful family.

The great thing about this set is that they are all suited for flight, neither one surpasses the 100 ml limit. And you get different caps that are very useful. Basically you can personalize your make-up and cosmetics case just how you want it.

Can you guess what I used to fill them?

Luckily there aren't many bottles so I could recall their content easily. In the tiny and round recipients I had the L'oreal face cream and the gorgeous highlighter from Oriflame. Moving on to the bigger bottles, I had baby oil from Johnson's, Cherish body lotion by Avon, the Cien Hydro Effect Cleansing Gel and the  Elvive Hair Oil from L'Oréal Paris. 

After I made my bag in the first place, I noticed that the serum I put in the round cases has escaped so I replaced it with a more dense substance, the face cream so problem solved. 

I knew that traveling can be so tiring and the skin can get very dry. Not to mention it's a hot summer and the skin just doesn't need something extra to be stressed about (neither do I). I didn't even fill them to the maximum, I was away for five days and it worked beautifully. 

Of course, these aren't the only things I used during those days, they are just the ones I took back on. Maybe I'll make a post about the make-up products I used, but what I'm trying to say is, among these, my friend and I used the same shampoo and shower gel that we bought from our destination. It doesn't make sense to carry them from home because, first of all, they take up place and are heavy. You can easily use that place for another outfit. Second of all, if you buy a set like this from Pepco, you can refill it with what you want and you are done for your next vacation. If you possess long hair then 100 ml isn't enough so that's another bad side. I was glad I found at Kaufland a suitable tooth paste and a toothbrush that can be bent and occupies little space. 

Next stop will be the make-up bag. Leave in the comments what do you use in your vacations.
Lots of sun,

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