Miss Sporty Happy Eyes Mascara Review - the most cheerful mascara

Bought this one from Calla a while ago, but because I already had some awesome mascaras at home (the one from Oriflame) didn't use that much. I'm fond of green lately, don't know why, so I started using it again.

I was in a playful mood when I bought it, otherwise I can't explain why I chose a product with such a package. It's not that bad, maybe a little childish due to all those emojis and choice of colors. The thing that annoys me is that the label is falling apart, you can see its corners already lifting and trying to fly away. And I didn't even kept it in my bag, it was nicely put in one of those make-up recipients from Pepco. Beside that, the package is from a strong plastic and I'm satisfied with it. I'll just intent to remove the label and then come face to face to the nightmare that glue can be. And if I succeed that, then it will look like a green alien and I wouldn't know where it came from. Anyways.

The brush is so small I almost got scared when I first saw it. I never had something like this and I was curious how it would work. And then she did her magic and I was pleased with it. My favorite thing is how it separates the lashes and make them individually beautiful. The plastic brush was new to me, but I am totally content with its results.

The formula is lacking in terms of resistance. It can transfer on the inferior lid, but the weather has been so hot these days, I'm also melting.

All in all, the mascara is really good and suitable for teenagers. In my opinion this is what teenagers should use when they first begin experimenting with make-up, but I think I'm old-fashion and the girls nowadays have more brand make-up things than me. If I were a kid again, I would buy it because of its cheerful nature to begin with. And what other mascara promises that it will make you lashes smile? The quality isn't bad either and at that price you can't really say more.

Take care,
A. 😊 

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