L'Oréal Paris Sublime Fresh Toner - the definition of cute but tough

Now that the recipient is almost empty I recall all the memories shared with L'Oréal Paris Sublime Fresh Skin Perfect Purifying Toner. Its title is incredible and so is its formula. Dedicated to normal to combination skin, it promises that it will remove all impurities and leave you with a fresh and clean skin.

It has to be applied on the dried skin, in the evening and morning, using a cotton pad. The most important thing about using this product is don't get it near the eye area at all. It can disturb your eyes, it was upsetting for me, but if you take care, it won't bother you.

Never have I tried a toner so aggressive. Its smell has a vibe of alcohol (it contains it, lol) and it remains present throughout the application and a little bit after. Why am I saying it is aggressive? Maybe it's just my skin, but if you have any kind of wound, imperfection or a dried area, it is uncomfortable to use. 

It does clean your skin but I was eager to apply it fast so that the smell would fade. However, it leaves a feeling of clean skin and despite the smell the formula is actually really smooth. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin or hard to manage when you apply it. It dries fast and like I said, it leaves a neat feel, like the one you get when you change the sheets with a fresh, clean one. In fact, it would be perfect for someone who has a red, inflamed skin as it cools down the skin.

Its principle is simple: it is hypoallergenic so it eradicates the bacteria and prevents the development of imperfections and the other area of action is removing the dead cells. 

It may seem another useless step in the complicated world of skincare routines but don't get me talking about the importance of that. It's not a step to be neglected. View it like that: you like when you see other have porcelain, smooth, pore-less skin but if you don't act yourself you're never going to get that. You have here a super delightful article about toners where you can read about its importance and steps to use it. 

The package is nice, the color and bottle are really pretty. It has 200 ml and with no parabens. It's has a nice shape and it's easy to open and use. It isn't that expensive, I bought mine from Calla, a shop I'm so fond of and lucky enough to have in my small city. It's also the place I'll probably buy my next toner from.

Don't forget that the best part of the skincare routine is that you can make your own personalized ritual. Have fun discovering and don't forget to be curious.

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