L'Erbolario Sun Cream with carrot, sesame & shea Review - to be sun-kissed or sunburned?

Even though I spent barely three days at the seaside (on our full day at the seaside it rained all day), I got a nice tan. However, it isn't only due to those three days because from spring to autumn I tend to get more and more caramelized. It's something I got used to over the years, but I have to admit my skin isn't getting any younger while the sun is getting more cruel.

More than a month has passed since my holiday and my coworkers keep asking me if I go to a salon or a swimming pool because my skin keeps getting tanner. So I finally came to the healthy conclusion that I should wear sun cream even when I'm not at the seaside and see how it works. The point isn't to remain white, I don't have any problem, in fact I like my changing skin, but to protect it. 

Luckily, Buzzstore along with Sensiblu I got to test this sun cream from L'Erbolario. It is ideal for the face and bust but can also be used for the entire body.

It provides protection against UVA and UVB and also keeps the skin soft. I integrated in my skin care routine easily, after applying the hydrating products, I use this sun cream. Everyone's skin care routine is different, I like to leave some time for each product to set in. In the morning you have so many things to do, so you won't notice how fast time flies (until it's leaving time and you're not ready). What I think it's a bonus for this sun cream and making it part of your routine is that it leaves a glass skin effect. And we're all crazy about glass skin, right?

The formula itself is nice, it has a fresh smell that won't disturb you. It is very easy to apply and smooth out. Unlike other sun creams I used it doesn't have a white finish, it matches your skin tone if we could say so. It's just like an ordinary face cream. Some of its ingredients are: Shea and Cocoa Butters, Sesame Oil, oily Extract of Carrot, Gamma Oryzanol, Jojoba wax Esters. 

An important thing to discuss about is the SPF 30. The sun protection factor is a major tool in protecting the skin against the sun burns, skin diseases and damage in general. The formula is said to be water resistant but they also recommend you apply it after showers or water contact. Better safe than sorry. 

This sun cream is meant for those who have sensitive skin and though my skin is fair normal, it has some caprices at times. The sun cream is calming and children can also use it. Like I said, if you use it on daily basis and depending on what other products you're using, take into consideration the weather outside. You'll sweat cause that's the normal thing to do at this kind of hot summer so you should be careful not to make your face feel heavy. 

All in all, I'm having fun using this sun cream and it makes me feel better that I'm doing something good for my skin. Be sure to be protected.

Lots of kisses,

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