Oriflame OnColour Big Lash Mascara - did it pass the hot weather test?

The OnColour line by Oriflame wouldn't be complete without something to accentuate the eyes, add depth and settle everything. Took this little thing on vacation with me and I was a bit reluctant to test a new mascara being away from my comfort zone. But what's a vacation without emotions and stress?

As you can see it has a more cheerful look that combines perfectly with the durable package. The applicator is nice, not something I have never seen before. You can use it easily without a problem. It doesn't make your lashes get together for a summer reunion, basically you won't have a problem with the formula.
You can find the product here.

Like I said before, I tested it on my holiday and I was nervous, I didn't want to have any surprises while I was visiting different museums and places (I'll tell you more about our travel experience in a future post). I would apply it in the morning and remove it at night, after hours of walking and being kissed by the sun. At some point I would check up on it, but no surprises found, it stayed on my lashes beautifully, without leaving any shadows underneath. 

That is the most important thing for me, that I didn't have to worry about it and it stayed put an entire day. Now let's speak about what magic it has on the lashes. It made my lashes thicker but didn't have an impressive effect on making them longer. It didn't pass my lenses test - if my lashes leave dark lines on my lenses it means the mascara made them longer, right? 

It wasn't like it didn't have any effect, like I said, the lashes were beautiful and from what I read they also said it contains vitamin B5 which is meant for nourishing your lashes. To know that something is being cared of while it has a relatively heavy product on it, it's both refreshing and nice. Now that I think about it, my lashes didn't seem so affected even though I used it almost daily (4 days in a row). Black is the only shade available.

Removing it takes time, but it also shows how much product a few layers have. On the other hand, being away from home meant I didn't have a proper eye make-up removal, so don't panic, it will probably go away with your mascara remover.

All in all, I had a really good experience with this mascara. It is comfortable to wear and for me that's a big deal. If you want a more dramatic mascara, it didn't make my lashes insanely longer, it was decent. 

Don't forget to enjoy your summer and your make-up.

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