OnColour Perfecting Concealer Stick – a stick to solve your summer issues

It has been a while since I started using concealer sticks, they are convenient to carry around and fix things whenever you got a problem. We are not getting into the debate if we should use concealer prior or after the foundation, will just going to appreciate and debate if the OnColour Perfecting Concealer Stick is worth using.

First of all, concealer can be used in so many different ways. From lighting up certain areas of your face, to diminish the dark circles that sleep and water can’t, a concealer stick is something to look after. You can see here other ways to use concealer.

Back to the subject, Oriflame promised us a concealer that hides blemishes and evens out the skin for a fresh look. Due to its hydrating formula it leaves the skin smooth and nice. They are very clear when giving instructions, the concealer is to be used after foundation around the eyes and then on every imperfection you have.

The thing I’m not certain about is that they say you can use it as a highlighter on the cheekbones, chin, forehead and under the eyebrows. When I’m thinking of highlighter I’m imagining something really shinny that you have to be careful about because if you put too much your face is going to look like a chandelier. After trying to use it as a highlighter I realized what they were insinuating; that you face doesn’t have to look like a light bulb to inspire elegance. Looking back, Oriflame is about loving and taking care of you with elegance.

Furthermore, it makes more sense that using the concealer as a highlighter has a more subtle result looking at the OnColour line in general. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful, you don’t need something shinny to distract the eye from the pleasure of looking at something so joyful.

There are two shades available: Natural Beige which I have and Light Ivory. You may think it is limited in terms of shades, but it’s concealer after all. My skin is getting darker every day, especially because I am now in a more close relationship with the sun and don’t spend all my time in the office (the advantages of vacay) and I don’t see any difference when using it. The point is even if it’s not your shade, you can even it out with some foundation, case in which you have to use it prior to the foundation and we’re back at that subject again.

You can find the product here.

The formula is easy to blend and has a medium level of coverage. If the skin is dried it will show so make sure to drink water and stay hydrated. If I use it under my eyes it will always gather in the fine lines underneath but it something that has happened with all the concealers I had before.

You never know when an emergency occurs so it is very handy that you posses something like this. Don’t forget it is summer and anything could happen.


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