OnColour Oriflame Perfect Duo Eye Pencil - approaching old things in new ways

Never been a fan of pencils, I always thought they were difficult to use, you need to sharpen them continuously, otherwise the little edges might hurt you. Not to mention that every time I used them they would have a mirror effect, if I wanted to draw a plain eye line, it would always reflect on the waterline. Basically, I had to do many check ups and I don't want to be nervous about my make-up.

For many years I had avoided eye pencils and who thought the chaotic 2019 would bring some light into ... well, my eyes. The first time I tested it I wanted to check up how is the formula, I didn't pay much attention to the colors. The formula is soft and easy to blend, except for an end of the Blue & Sapphire, but it gave in ultimately. The application was done and now I was eager to find out if it would last or I would get smokey eyes unintentional and horrible looking.

As I was looking in the mirror waiting for a small mistake to appear, I realized the colors are not that bad. The Green & Turquoise compliment my brown eyes really good. I remembered I commented on one of my partner's article that I wanted to see her with the blue eyeliner she was talking about, thinking it was an interesting idea. With these pencils I got to see with my own eyes, or I'd better say on my own eyes.

The colors are beautiful, they are dark but noticeable and the shimmer on some shades is made for me. I'm kidding. What I'm trying to say is that they put effort to make these colors special and look at the best part, with only a pencil you get two colors which may seem alike, but each has its magic. I could stare a lot at the blue shades, the shimmer is captivating and makes me think of a starry sky but in daylight if that makes sense.

Anyway, speaking of imagination, the ways to use these pencils are versatile. You can use them as an eyeliner by drawing a simple, fine line to cheer up you look without looking dramatic or play with both colors, you can also use one and make it look like eye shadow and use the other one to highlight the underline.

You can find the product here.

They do transfer on the inferior lid, but you have to be careful if you retouch your make-up throughout the day; with one small move you can disturb it. That is the only thing I didn't like, but even this one is easy to take care of. No other words needed, you just have to relax, enjoy a colorful summer and don't forget your sharpener.


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