Hydro Effect by Cien Serum Review - can it compete with more expensive serums?

As I mentioned before in one of my Instagram posts, hydration is what matters to me the most lately. Maybe because is summer and I’m over-stressed (not because it is summer), but I want to prevent any damage to my skin. This serum has duo-hyaluronic acid and is dedicated for those who have very dry skin, or the hydration seekers like me.

It says it is absorbed fast due to its texture that is very water alike. Wouldn’t jump to confirm that, it does not have a high rate of absorption, but I don’t mind it. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like a snail and because it is a serum it is understandable.

You have to apply it in the mornings and evenings. I jump the night application because I like to let my skin breathe, I will explain more about my skincare routine in a post dedicated to it. Back to the subject, this serum has a nice, bubbly, colorless substance and just a pump is enough for me. Made the mistake to take three pumps at the first trying and I ended up with far more serum than I needed. I think it smells like the face cream I tested long ago from Cien, it is subtle and not disturbing.

The formula is easy to apply; in fact I would describe it as slippery. It is very easy to spread it across your face and that’s a plus because time is so precious in the morning, right? However, it remains a little sticky on the face; it reminded me of the face masks from Aliexpress.

The package is alluring and while the whole line is easy on the eyes, these products represent something more than aesthetic and good quality. It’s about the fact that they are good beyond their price. I have tried more expensive products, I even have one more serum I want to tell you about in the future, but it has came to my realization that skincare is affordable. Do not expect the best quality out there, but realize it is a step.
There is one problem I have is with the way it works technically.

The cap is not in front of the product, where the name is, but in the back. It has a cool open-close system, but it just diminishes its value. It wouldn’t be a big thing, but for someone who has an eagle eye like me and pays attention to details, it is important.

Would I buy it again? I hope Cien improves the formula and if they release something similar I would definitely buy.

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