Sleek Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream

Got this as a present from my make-up gorgeous partner and friend and I’m reviewing it just now because I’ve been using it more lately. Cute packaging, nice formula and beautiful color, what more can you ask? Sounds perfect, right? Now, let’s find out what secrets is this little thing hiding.

The shade I have is Petal and I saw on their site that they have 20 shades available, a pretty vast range of choice.

The 6 ml package is, from the visual point of view, classy and even though it has the black cap, it makes every shade look elegant. Besides that, it is resistant, the edges were untouched after surviving in my purse, the writing was also intact, nothing to complain about. The applicator is firm; it takes a little practice to get the fine lines, but it is more than acceptable.

They promise a long lasting color throughout the day, but that only happens if you don’t eat, drink water, kiss, etc. You got the idea, if you stay like a doll all day then any lipstick would last. This one lasts more, but it’s not any lipstick, I mean Sleek has stepped up their game and we expect nothing less.

The formula is airy and has a nice feeling without excessively drying the lips. What they said was true; you don’t really need a second coat. The first contact with the lip cream will be surprising because it has a brighter color and you’ll think “What have I done?”. But as it dries you’ll get the wanted color, don’t worry. I like to apply a layer than even it with a brush or simply with my fingers. You have to do it quick, before it dries. Of course, you could touch it up after the first coat, but it implies the second coat and it could get messy. The chances for it to cake and flake rise, so it’s better to keep it minimal. It also depends on your style.

When I first saw the color I thought it was a perfect shade to wear in the winter, when my skin is paler. Didn’t think it would fit my caramelized skin that I get as soon as the sun is more powerful. But guess what? It does suit me and that’s great. You don’t have to be limited if you have a certain skin color. Make-up should be limitless.

Would I buy it again? I would, but I’d like to try a different color. Don’t get me wrong, this color is beautiful, but they have so many choices and girls just wanna have fun.

Embrace color and have a beautiful day.

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