My morning routine and what products I love using

First of all..shame, shame..shame for me because I haven’t wrote a blog post since..ages. I will not try to find excuses, I just haven’t  wrote anything in the last period of time. But, as summer has come I got inspired by ‘minimal’ in every area that I can think of: clothing, makeup, skin care, hair care, nails,body.
And I have decided to write about my minimal lifestyle journey here, in a few blog post.
To start with, I will tell you about my morning routine and some products that I like to use. 

Firstly, I take a shower in the evening, just because I am not a morning person and also I got use to it in the evenings, otherwise I can’t sleep. So, not much for my body care in the morning, just the necessary hygiene things. Then, for my face, I just refresh it with cold water and rinse the excess with a towel. Some days, when I feel my skin is a little greasy I clean it with the Vichy Normaderm cleansing gel, which really deserves a full blog post, because it is amazing! Then I usually brush my teeth and that is mainly it.
Moving on, I start applying make-up. And, as I have told you earlier, in the summer I tend to opt for a minimal, fresh make up. I discovered the MAC strobe cream, which is a really nice base for my makeup and it gives my skin a natural pinkish glow. Then, depends of the state of my skin I apply a BB cream, CC cream or a foundation. My current favorites are: Bourjois bb cream and Maybeline Affinitone Foundation. Then I fill in my eyebrows with that nice gel from Essence.
Sometimes, when I am it a mood , or I wear neutral colored clothes, I like to apply a messy line of blue or green eyeliner. I love that green one from Essence , but also the blue from Oriflame.
I stopped using mascara in the last few weeks, and honestly just because, at the end of the day I am to bored to remove it J)
I usually do not use a powder, but I should start using one, because my skin starts to get really oily during the hot days. So, any recommendations, I am happy to try J
I like to apply a little bronzer on the high parts of my skin, where the sun would kiss it.
Finally, I apply some lipstick. Usually I am on a rush, and also, during the day, I just have to much work , so I don’t have time not even to think that I have lipstick on my lips, so I prefer applying in the morning some kind of lipbalm, or a little mate lipstick that give me some color.
And, that’s it. I do nothing with my hair in the morning, not ever brush it. Maybe I just go with my hand through it to bring back the volume.
When I feel like..I wanna attract today, I apply a little bit of my favorite summer perfume, Naturelle by Yves Rocher.

Et voila… I am good to go!

Alexandra, what is your morning routine?

Coming up next, my night time routine. Stay tuned.



  1. You've got to send me a pic with the blue or green eyeliner.

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