Essence Plumping Nudes Lipgloss

You know the feeling when you see a really really cute product and you think "Nah, I already have enough lipsticks."? But you end up buying it anyway because you can't resist it. That was the case for me and this lip gloss.

Usually they are not my favorite, they just fade away so easily and fast and are never in the shade they are portrayed. Like never. And that's a pity because you have certain expectations when you buy something.

The picture isn't something you'd usually see on this blog, it was just a random pic to celebrate Friday and I had no idea it would be so handy one day. Two weeks ago I purchased this lip gloss and a big part of my decision, besides the price, was the aspect. They are simply beautiful and classy. Little did I know the reason why I bought this would vanish so quickly.

The lip gloss itself is nice, they had a wide range of nudes, all with sassy names like: 01 xxl charm, 02 big softie, 03 she's so extra, 04 that's big, 05 bold love, 06 big bang and 07 so heavy!. Who wouldn't fall for something so playful?

It lasts to some extend, better than any lip-gloss I've had so far. If you use a bit of foundation prior to application then you get the shade approximately. Does it make your lips look plumper? I would say yes, but then again any lip gloss does that. In my opinion it has something to do with light reflection and because they seem to transcend the lip boundaries.

The shades are natural and provide the means for that kind of look. However, the coolest thing about this lip gloss is the cooling effect. It's a joyful sensation and it lasts a while, just enough to enjoy it and not become annoying. At least you'll have the feeling of plump lips.

Now, let's get to the dirty business. Everything was fine, I was getting used to the transition from matte to glossy, from lipstick to lip gloss and then the disaster happened. Even though I bought it two weeks ago, I didn't use it so often and tried to conserve it at its best for when I'll do the proper review. And one happy day I decided to write about it and got it off my bag and the shock came. Nearly all the inscription on it, even the label were practically vanished. There is only a bit of the golden design left as you can see in the picture below.

Can't express my condolences for the pretty glamorous design. I started to panic because I knew I can't post a picture with a product looking like that. Luckily, I remembered I had that picture to show to you how that lip gloss looked in its original state. Don't imagine my bag has rocks in it, but I guess it's just like any other normal lady's bag. Maybe Essence should have considered making a special case for them, how cute would that be? Like mini-coffins for lip glosses or let me use the term tiny boxes not to spook you. Just a subtle suggestion, Essence.

How should I wrap this up? The product was great, it just had a big disappointment attached. Would I buy it again? Can't really say that and it's not just because of what happened with the package. Lip glosses tend to last longer as a product, but we have to comply that everything has good and bad parts.

Happy weekend, dears!

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