Sheet masks I bought from Aliexpress

Sheet masks have been very popular lately and who can blame them? They’re so easy to use and convenient. And there are so many out there, who knows which one to use?

It was only a matter of time since Aliexpress would bring a variety of sheet masks to the people. I found a store and ordered some masks, got lucky and received them. Don’t remember the name of the store, but they were friendly and did their job. Even put me something extra in the package, some type of hair holder. It was cute to see how some suppliers are so kind and others were so mean, that was one if not the main reason I closed my account there, but will talk about that later.

The majority of masks were from Bioaqua, a brand chart-topping on this site. The types I bought were face masks, eye masks and lips masks.

Speaking of the face masks, they were fine, had more than enough substance and had a nice, calming smell. Neither of them irritated my skin or had any other negative effect. The size was a bit large for my face. Whatever it was rose essence or honey, they made my skin more hydrated, at the surface. They have a medium performance in terms of hydrating your skin so don’t expect a full, deep hydration. The substance, however, it’s just too much to use one time.
The eye masks were a gift to my mother. She used it a couple of time and they had a similar effect, they hydrated the skin but didn’t do wonders. Not that we’d expect, but when you read their description you found so many wonderful capacities and butterflies and unicorns that just raise your expectations.

The lip masks were fun to wear and I used them in a period when I really needed it, after a cold. It has the consistency of a jelly sheet, covers the mouth entirely, no matter how your lips are. To be honest, my lips were in a bad shape then and I used on top of this lip mask lip balms so can’t really say if they recovered because of it or not. It certainly did help, but can’t say for sure to what extent.

The negative part is that I couldn’t read the ingredients and their labels were just nonsense sometimes. Sure, the price was incredible and they were delivered, but this uncertainty, not really knowing what I use is enough for me to stop buying them. Not to mention that when I ordered other things, not cosmetics, they didn’t come and some of the suppliers were totally rude. I deleted my account on Aliexpress as a way to stay faithful to my belief. Skin care is important and if you’re not 100% sure about a product don’t use it. Believe in your instincts.

Until next time, take care.

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