Cien Body Salt Scrub

Cien Body Salt Scrub with blackcurrant and caffeine (because we love coffee in all its forms) has been a pleasant surprise. Don’t mean to give any spoilers and though I never intended on buying it, I don’t regret it. Cien has some great products and it’s a pity not to test them.

I remember there were like three types, if I remember right, there was one with a citrus flavor, cocoa and coconut. My choice was the one with blackcurrant and caffeine and was very curious to test it since I had never tried a scrub like this.
The boxes were cute and even though my bathroom was its home for some time now, neither the pack nor the writing vanished. The box has 225 g of scrub and doesn’t occupy much space.

The peeling is supposed to use the sea crystals, blackcurrants and caffeine to hydrate, regenerate and leave the skin smooth. A nice bonus was that it has effects in the treatment of cellulite. You have to apply it on your wet skin and massage it aright. Probably the massage part benefits the skin and has a connection with anti-cellulite fight.
The substance is of a violet-pink with tiny black spots that are the seeds of the blackcurrants. The peeling, taking into account that it has salt, it’s very easy to apply and isn’t harsh on the skin. For me, the best quality this product has it’s the smell. It smells so good that you’ll take your time to admire it.

Another thing I appreciate about it is that after using it and getting dried, the skin is indeed hydrated and smooth. I’m picky when it comes to body lotions and all creams that have the purpose to hydrate any other part than the face, but with this peeling I didn’t even feel the need to apply anything else.

All things have a bad part and this peeling is no exception. However, it’s not as bad as it looks. The only problem is you have to be careful how much product do you use; the rinsing can be a caring job. It takes a lot of water, but you get more time surrendered by that awesome smell and we all know aromatherapy relaxes a person. So instead of seeing it as a waste of time, try and think of it as a way to spoil yourself.

Will I ever buy it again? Probably yes, I mean it’s not a permanent product among my store’s Cien stand, but if it’ll ever come back, I’ll buy it again. If the scents are the same as this time then my choice would still be this one, with the blackcurrant and caffeine because the other ones aren’t my personal preference. If they decide to test some new types then salute Cien!

Until next time, take care of yourself and your skin.

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