Brushes I use part I

As the title suggests, these are among the first brushes I purchased and started using them for a while now. Whatever we’re speaking about eye shadow brushes, blush brushes, etc. the material they are made of is important. Another factor we take into consideration is, of course, their appearance. Because who doesn’t love the colorful, imaginative designs for such tiny things?

To start the presentation of the brushes, I’ll begin saying that of the five brushes you see in the picture, four are from Aliexpress. Now, I know I said I closed my account, but I bought these very long ago and I’m pleased of them. They took a while to come and though I’ve ordered a bunch from only one store, they said they’ll send them from different warehouses so they arrived in different packages and they apparently forgot to send me one. It never came and my trust in them also flew away.

The only exception is the Essence brush for applying eye-shadow, with black and white patterns and a little pink, of course. It was really cheap, well, not comparing to the ones from Aliexpress because those were the real definition of cheap. It is so velvety and has the perfect dimensions. It’s perfect for beginners like me. The only thing that annoys me is that the writing on it is fading away. Better avoiding writing anything on it if it doesn’t stick.

The important question is how similar are they when speaking of quality? Because I use them equally, I can say some are really good and some not. This was very clear so let me explain. It is obvious that some brushes from Aliexpress are inspired from the latest trends in brush designs, but when it came to the usage, I was content with their performance. The brushes were smooth and helped blending well.

The exception was the golden brush; it is a solid, not so smooth brush that makes blending eye shadow difficult. Nothing is thrown away, but recycled so I use it when I’m dealing with glitter or fluid eye shadow.

The brush meant for face masks was one of my favorites due to its look. However, it was the first to break. The face mask that I applied was the peel-off from Avon if I recall correctly and the pink part just separated from the rest. Nothing good glue won’t fix, it was something I could repair, as frustrating as it was.

I will present you the newest purchases in terms of brushes in a future post. Until then be careful what you buy and let us know in the comments what are your favorite brushes.

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