Eyeliner by Cien

My mother bought me these and I was at first rather skeptical about her tastes for my make-up. It turned out she hit the jackpot and those two little guys are the eyeliners I’m currently using.

In terms of eyeliner, it really depends on mood, if I’m happy enough, I’ll invest the patience in using one. So far I’ve never had one which made applying super easy, so I concluded it’s a natural thing for eyeliners. Truth is you never know how asymmetrical your eyes are until you decide to apply it.

The one from Cien has the form of a pencil and is thin. Carrying it around is simple and it seems like a basic product. You go from pencils in kindergarten to more elevate pencils to enhance your beauty. But are they just as effortless to use? In my opinion, they are; the tip is very basic, but you can draw pretty well and fast your desirable line. Make sure to be quick though because it dries quickly and layering shouldn’t be an option, the more you try to make thicker, the more you’ll get angry.

The shades available were black and brown. My personal preference is the brown one because is more suitable for an everyday look, a more casual one, while the other is intensifying your look and is more dramatic. Both are great in terms of color and intensity of it, they just have to be worn at the appropriate time.

Now, remember when I said that make-up products at Lidl are rare birds? I’m bringing this up because no matter how nice this product is, it’s not always available in the store. As a matter of fact, the stand with make-up products in my Lidl is a little empty these days. Hopefully they will come up with something new soon.

- Nice colors;
- Easy to apply due to its shape.

- Dries quickly;
- Not available at any time.

Until next time, take care of yourself and blend well.

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