Balea Creme Peeling and Cleansing Gel with Active Charcoal

Bought these two in a sudden DM visit and time passed until I realized I had to write a review for them. The problem wasn’t that I had to write a review, it was the writing on them. It wasn’t written in my language, nor English and I definitely do not possess any skill in German language. To make situation worse, the little label where it did write in my language began to wash off and now only a few words are visible.

Setting this aside, the results are more important, so let’s see what every product did. Firstly, the Creme Peeling was very gentle, maybe because it contains apricot seeds oil. The smell was also subtle and calming. Like any other scrub, I didn’t use it more than once or twice a week. It is gentle, but it’s a scrub after all. The thing to appreciate about it is that the skin does not become dry after using it. However, I’ve had more powerful scrubs in the past.

On the other hand but on the same face, I used the cleansing gel with active charcoal. It removed the impurities and did a fair cleaning. And who hasn’t fun when their face is turning gray? It did leave the face dry and as well as in the case of the peeling product, you had to follow the important step of using some kind of moisturizer after. The thing I was most annoyed by when it comes to this product is that you had to massage it thoroughly or else there would be parts of the product not dissolved. It isn’t normally a problem because a part of cleaning is massaging, but with this gel, it got slippery and messy.

The active charcoal is a substance that can facilitate the removing of dust, dirt or bacteria from the surface of the skin. Although it was my first time trying a product with such proprieties, it didn’t let me down. It cleaned well my skin, no comments on that.

All in all, they were acceptable, suitable for a skin that doesn’t have many problems. They both have enough quantity to last you a good period of time and they both do their job fairly. If I had to buy them again I would probably pass, but not because they are bad products, but because they don’t really stand out or have some shining characteristics to make me buy them again.

Hope this was useful for you and you’ll have a beautiful week.

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