Essence Matt Longlasting Lipgloss

You know the feeling when you have enough lipsticks at home but feel like something is missing and you have to buy one more? If you could call it motivation, that’s why I bought the Essence Matt Longlasting Lipgloss. Plus, felt in love with this color.

Can’t specify the exact shade, that’s how awesome I am. From what I saw, they had crazy colors like blue and mauve, but my eyes got fixed on this raspberry beauty.

They describe it as “longlasting, creamy lipgloss for velvet-matt lips – does not dry out the lips, high coverage”. Now, let’s analyze what they said and find out if it is true. First of all, the formula is really creamy and easy to apply. It is definitely more matt than an ordinary lipgloss, so nothing to comment on that part. Secondly, it is right when it’s saying that it doesn’t dry out the lips. Didn’t felt the damaging effect I felt with other matt lipsticks so that’s an advantage.

All good things have an end and now we should talk about the promised longlasting wearing. Probably because the formula is so creamy, the lipgloss doesn’t resist too much. You have to reapply it constantly and that can be so annoying. I would have given up this lipgloss if I didn’t like the color so much. It’s also probably why it has such a good smell and tastes like a nice cupcake.

-       -   Really sweet and refreshing scent;
-       -   The formula is creamy, it’s easy to apply;
-      -    Nice color and a wide color range to pick from.

-      -  Because the formula is so creamy, it can be difficult to apply; you just have to be careful;
-         - It doesn’t last for long, not at all.

Have a beautiful day, sweeties.

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