Oriflame Love Nature Milky Foam Cleanser and Face Toner

These two products have been my favorites lately, whenever I wanted something more delicate and calming I would use them. They are both meant for dry skin and what other season could their effect be more important?

Both bottles have 150ml of product and have oat as the base ingredient. Never thought that an ingredient so common like oat could have so many benefits for the skin. When they promised you would get your skin nourished and soothed, it wasn’t a lie. The smell is pleasant, sweet, but not overwhelming.

The face toner is among my favorites. It doesn’t irritate the skin, but leaves it smooth without feeling burdened. The thing I appreciate the most about it is the calming effect, it doesn’t stress the skin. I would usually apply it with a cotton pad, not at night, but after work as a way to bust my skin. Make-up is removed decently.

Regarding the milky foam cleanser, it is a good cleanser, it does make your skin a little dry, but it doesn’t exaggerate. The part I didn’t understood about it is the foam effect. After being used to some other products that used foam technology, this one doesn’t create a decent amount of foam. However, it does remove the impurities and leaves the skin fresh and nourished. 

-         - The formula is very suitable for sensitive skin;
-        -  Appropriate for giving your skin a little relax time;
-        -  Great smell;
-         - The package is also good looking.

-         - The face toner did its job completely;
-        -The face cleanser could have made a little more foam. If it wasn’t specified then it would have been okay.  Nobody likes broken promises, right?

Take care of your skin.

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