Cien Liquid Foundation

Bought this foundation a couple of months before and used it but didn’t find the time to share with you the experience. Now I’m going to reveal all the good and bad parts of it. That’s how we will notice once again the importance of good foundation.

Never tried before a foundation from Lidl and was intrigued when it came up. I rapidly purchased it and the first problem was that there were only three shades available, each one a little too dark for me. The shade I bought is 030 Golden tan and because it was summer then, it fitted me so much better than now.

The coverage is okay and because of the liquid formula it is easy to apply. It does have a way with skin; you have to use some moisturizing cream because there is the risk to make it dryer. The finish is matte and you have to be quick when you apply it. It leaves the skin smooth and firm and it lasts a decent amount of time.

The package is rather effective than esthetic. It has 30 ml of product.

Don’t want to be mean, but it seems like it’s something I would use only in case of an emergency, not something I would return to buy. The formula is too dense and leaves a sandy feeling. It’s a shame because a lot of products from Cien are so good. Unfortunately, this one destroys a little Cien’s reputation.

-        -  Cheap and easy to take around package;
-       -   Nice matte finish.

-       -  You have to be extra careful when you apply it, if you leave too much product in an area, it will look rather despicable;
-        - Few shades to pick from.

Until next time, blend well.

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