Cien 24h Moisturizing Cream

    The thing that has kept my face moist these days is The Cien 24h Moisturizing Cream. Cold weather affects our bodies in all sorts of ways and it’s only normal that the face is the most predisposed to all the disadvantages of having snowflakes in the air.

     This cream is to provide gentle care and moisture for the whole day and is dedicated to dry and sensitive skin. It contains a whole bunch of ingredients, but the ones that stood out are the hyaluronic acid and panthenol. 

      Apply it in the mornings and evening after carefully cleansing and your complexion will be moist as long as you use it. They say you could use it as a make-up base and I tried it only once or twice. The absorbing rate is not slow at all, but it depends if you are in a hurry or not. 

       The effects are described nicely, based on the moments of the day:

* In the morning, the complex of Liftan complete with Q10 and caffeine gives energy to the skin for the entire day. It’s probably the only part of my body which has energy in the mornings.
        * At noon, that complex and vitamin E combats premature aging of the skin due to sunlight and at the same time shapes the fine wrinkles. Apparently it still has enough energy to take a fight with those annoying lines that years gifts us.
* In the evenings, the complex of Liftan complete, along with hyaluronic acid and glycerin calms and hydrates the skin. No wonder is has so many ingredients, 24 h is a long period of war for the face.
* At night the complex helps with maintaining a healthy skin and helps regenerating it. Because warriors don’t sleep at night.

       Firstly, I was very curious about the complex they were mentioning so often and luckily a definition was written on the package. Liftan Complete is an active complex that’s meant for improving the skin’s appearance. The skin is supplied with enough nutrients in order to feel pampered and survive the whole day. And who doesn’t want a pampered skin?

         Secondly, having such a good presentation of the effects (even though it may seem a little unrealistic) is still a symbol of how much the developers believed in it. Because let’s be honest, we don’t think throughout the day what our skin is doing. It’s not like at lunch we think our skin is fighting at the moment wrinkles or regenerating.

            The package is nice and heavy even though it may not look like it. The cream has a beige undertone and smells nice. The little recipient has 50 ml and I consumed it faster than the creams I had before because this one is more fluid. Also, because it gets absorbed easily, you tend to use a good amount.

       The skin was hydrated properly and the fact that didn’t make my skin feel overloaded is definitely a plus. Personally, I use it only in the mornings because I like to leave my skin free at night, but it did its job nonetheless. 


- Nice package and presentation;
- Makes the skin feel plump and hydrated;
- Doesn’t make your skin feel heavy.

- Due to its fluidity, you finish it faster and I say that after only using it once a day.

Until next time, take care of your skin. Leave in the section below your opinion of this product or what other experiences did you have.

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