Trends of 2018 I liked and disliked

Even though 2018 isn't over yet, fall make us feel as if we're near the end, doesn't it? It's been a year with lots of trends and a various palette to chose from. Whatever you wanted a simple look or use neon colors, there were so many options, it was hard to chose from.
Remember, this is our personal opinion, it depends on everybody's taste.

My favorite trend of this year has to be the simple, clean and natural look. Sometimes that is the most hard thing to do for there is always the temptation to add just a little bit more. Setting the trend for minimal make-up, Tanya Taylor, Tracy Reese, Badgley Mischka, Etro and many others, proved that enhancing the true structure and beauty of the face can not only make a person more beautiful, but also more confident. And there were variations within this trend as well. Mila Schön added a bit of edge with the sandy eye-shadow, Vicky Zhang impressed with a fresh and rosy image and Roland Mouret really gave another definition to elegant, glowing skin. Philosophy reproduced the soft bitten, glossy goals very good. The color which seemed to be on everyone's lips, rose gold, was also present in the world of make-up, Alberto Zambelli representing it flawless. The romantic, movie-like look inspired by Cynthia Rowley melted my heart as peach and pink are a match made in heaven. Oscar de la Renta satisfied my preference with glitter, incorporating it so it wouldn't like a carnival, but shine as a unit. 

Trends I liked.

Thick lashes - love that natural, long and thick lashes.
Brown lips - whatever it was matte or not, in all shades possible, brown was present this year and we loved it.
Tinted brows - that enhance not draw the attention.
Pinched cheeks - from rosy to peach, it was a delight to see all ladies blushing beautifully.
Mauve accents - it's great that this wonderful color shined its way along with the other trendy colors.
Blue eyeliner - an avangard approach and I don't personally used it, but it has something so catchy.

On the other side, there were trends that I'm not fond of, but I understand others are. However, we shouldn't judge tastes, so here are some of the trends I'm happy to leave behind in 2018.

It's understandable that people got tired of the classical eyeliner and began experimenting with it, but some things just don't work adjusted. The round eyeliner isn't that much of a deal, but Ports 1961's block of eyeliner and Jill Stuart' underliner were a big turn off for me. There was another trend that used kohl-rimmed eyes which reminded me of the painful period were my make-up talent was invisible. 

Cushnie et Ochs and Dior had an obsession for clumpy lashes that I just don't understand. They really make your eyes look like spiders and I don't care how childish this opinion is. On the other hand, Ryan Lo came with a pinkie spider if you could say so. Glitter lashes, especially the pink ones are not that desirable unless you're a fairy, of course.
When it comes to giving another structure and dimension, Natasha Zinko and Sies Marjan blew my mind with a make-up that looked like a super-hero mask. All women are heroes, but don't have to show it that obvious. Jeremy Scott and Francesco Scognamiglio were making the eye look like a disco ball with all that sequins and gemstones.  

Don't want to sound too harsh on them because deep down, there were all looks I enjoyed giving a glance. Can't help to think that if on the models, all those crazy ideas of make-up look like that, it would probably look like chaos and hell if I'd try something like that so big applause to all the make-up artist. If you're work isn't appreciated at its true value, you're effort definitely is.

Trends I disliked.

Metallic lipstick - because I think it's too pretentious and doesn't suit anyone.
Round or unfinished liner - while the first doesn't look that bad, the second one might make you look as if you were drunk when you made it.
Holographic highlighter - as pretty to look at as it is, some shades are just too unnatural and we don't want our faces to shine like plastic.

All in all, this year was sure animated and the contrast between the natural and wild looks gave us the opportunity to test beyond limits. If a person is happy with the make-up she or he is wearing, than the world can only do one thing: shut up. The result may be the image we display to the others, but more important are the changes it makes in ourselves and the way we see the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article, it was sure fun to write it. Let us know what were your favorite parts of this year and which not. 


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