Oriflame The One Cream Illuminator

Do you remember life before highlighter? Seems so far away, isn’t it? Well, breaking news, there was a time when we weren’t so obsessed with glowing and despite how paradoxical it is, this highlighter gives those vibes. Skin can glow, but we often forget the splendor of natural glowing skin.

The One Cream Illuminator gives the skin a suave and subtle shine, not taking the attention from the skin itself. It doesn’t have a strong smell, just a delicate hint of almond oil which dissipates quickly. 

The thing that makes this product one of my favorite highlighter so far is, besides the ethereal brightness, the fact that is very versatile. My mother also used it and it adapts very well on different kind of skins and even skin tones. The glow that it’s giving is rather an icy one, but it’s still likable. 

The package is really tiny, just 30 ml and it’s perfect for travelling. For a nice glow you don’t even have to use that much so it will last you a good amount of time. Because it is a creamy formula, I don’t use any brush and just apply it with my fingers. One important thing is that you have to be patient and let it dry for its effect to be visible.

Another thing to take into consideration is to always use a cream illuminator over a liquid foundation, never over powder. The result might be calamitous, especially in our case, where a waste of product causes regrets over the money paid for it. Also, be careful about the areas you’re applying it; you don’t want to make your face appear larger and tired.

- Beautiful, natural glow;
- Nice formula, easy to apply.

- Can’t really find one, just the fact that is unfair underrated. 

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