Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask

The last few days I had a heath challenge with the cold I had and my skin was influenced too. So what better occasion to put a tissue mask and relax over a tea and a book? The tissue mask super hydrating has extract of pomegranate, hyaluronic acid and hydrating serum. It is meant, of course for dehydrated skin.

First of all, when you apply the sheet, after you fix it, you have to remove the blue layer. It says that 1 mask is the equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum. Well, I think my skin was too shocked by the moisture effect and had nearly drowned. That made me remember that maybe it is better to hydrate often and not expect a miracle to happen all of the sudden.

However, I would lie if I’d say my skin didn’t benefit from it. There is a lot of serum and after you wait a bit for it to be absorbed, it leaves your skin plump and soft. It takes 15 minutes and it’s totally worth it. Our poor skins are always exposed to so many damaging factors; it would be our shame not to give it proper care.

The tissue is a bit big for my face but think about the trouble the ones who make this kind of sheets have; every face is different not only on structure, but also in size. After the period required for the serum to do its effect, you’ll see that some substance will still be left. Give your skin a little dance and with a clean cotton pad remove the excess. They say you really see its effect after using it three times a week, but after testing it for the first time, I can say its results are visible regardless. 

- It hydrates your skin perfectly;
- Medium price, but good quality;
- No powerful scent, it gives a nice experience overall.

- Maybe Garnier was hard-working and that’s something to admire, but can’t really find the purpose of all that excess serum.

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