Elseve Argile Extraordinaire Shampooing Sec

Dry shampoos are really a miracle invented. Don’t know anybody that could say they didn’t need them. Because we all have bad hair days and some freshness doesn’t do any harm. The one I’m going to talk about is Elseve Argile Extraordinaire Shampooing Sec with 3 argyles.

I’ve tried cosmetic clay in the past as a face mask combined with honey, yogurt or other ingredients I had in the house available, so I thought that it would be helpful for the hair too even though it’s in another form. It says on the package that it takes 2 minutes to give a clean, more voluminous look and it is true. It removes the excess sebum and cleans the roots, without burdening the hair. 

You can use it whenever you feel your hair dull, in my case, I usually use it one day before the classic shampooing. From 30 cm away you have to spray it into your hair, insisting on the roots. After leaving it for a minute or two, brush it and you’re done.

The thing I like about this product is that it doesn’t leave any trace on the hair. The previous one that I had, left some white powder residue, it felt as if the spray had the same effect as a fire extinguisher. And I had to brush it thoroughly because it gave my hair a gray color. Not to mention that it dried my hair. Leaving the bad behind, this dry shampoo is far better than my previously one.

The only thing that bothers me about it is that the sprayer broke. It was like only one time substance left, but it still annoyed me. Regarding the design, the package is nice, the same amount as a deodorant has, so it’s very easy to carry it around. It said on the label that is L’Oreal’s’ first product of this kind and I can’t imagine how proud they are because they really did a great job.

- Leaves the hair fresh;
- Doesn’t damage your hair;
- Easy and fast to apply it;
- Great price.

- The only thing I have to say at this chapter is the broken sprayer, but maybe it was only in my case so it’s not definitive.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Tell us if you use dry shampoo and which one.

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