Cupio- Cuticles oil

I've started wearing gel nails like 4 months ago. I found a cool professional girl that was doing magic with my nails. At the end of each session she was using a Cien hand cream (find the review here) and a cuticles oil that was smelling like heaven. 

So I asked her where she got it and she said is from Cupio. So I went to the store and bought a bottle for myself. 

They have it in different colors (orange, blue, red) and firstly I didn't know what's the difference - I though is only about the color. But the girl said they are different scents. 

I bought the blue one, coconut flavor ( I know A. will hate it, because she is not a fan of coconut :))). But I love it. The scent is discreet, but noticeable and very agreeable. 

The thing that I love most about the bottle is that it has a pipette, so every time I put it on my nails I feel like a chemist that is doing some magic. 

The oil is very oily, lol... so you will only need like a drop for each hand. Then I like to massage it a little so the oil sinks into the cuticles and soften them. My nails look like just done, every time I apply it. 

I usually do it in the night, after having a shower. My hands remains for a few minutes oily, but I don't mind, I listen to a song meanwhile, or watching TV. 

- very discreet scent
- very, very affordable ( 2$ -15 ml) 

-if you don't use it daily, the cuticles get very dried; it's like they get used to the oil. 


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  1. I literally cringed when I saw what smell it has and then read the rest of it and laughed. It does look fancy, though.


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