Cien Nature Day Cream with Wild Rose

Running out of a face cream, I turned to Lidl with hopes it might help me. There's where I found this soothing day cream dedicated for dry skin. It was so tiny and pretty I could resist. Without thinking twice, I bought it.

Firstly, it says it contains wild rose, but on the label it says that it has oil from the wild rose's seeds. It is a difference, no matter how you look at it. The cream is to be applied every morning, on clean skin and be massaged until it's fully absorbed. The targeted areas are the face, neck and cleavage.

The package is very cute, a 50 ml tube. The substance is white and more watery than the one of the creams I had before. It smells really nice, a combination of wild rose and honey. The design surprised me because it is nice and the entire price of the product is very low. Given that, could the quality of it be on the same level? 

I could depend on everyone's type of skin, but for mine it didn't do much. The level of hydration was low for me. It gives the false impression of hydration; on the surface, it makes the skin look and feel plump and smooth, but I could feel that the hydration didn't get to further deeps. You can wear make-up or not, but you can never skip hydrating your skin. It does so much damage not taking a little time to apply some treatment. And it's really not worth it. Even with this little cream tube it's easy to give at least an impulse of hydration because of how simple it is to apply it.

- because of how fluid it is, it's easy to apply;
- gets absorbed fast;
- the smell really implies the nature way they adopted.

- doesn't give the skin much hydration.

Until next time, don't forget to drink water and be beautifully hydrated.

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